Intellectual Property
No Sno Ltd reserve all rights to our name, board designs, component designs, material designs, graphic designs, brand designs, strap lines, videos, photos, marketing material and website. All our intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and copyrights are insured and therefore we will prosecute under
all circumstances.

If you would like to use anything please contact us at

If you believe someone is infringing on our intellectual property please contact
us at

All noSno Off-Road Boards and their components are warranted against manufacturing defects for 2 years - this does not cover third party bindings.
Please note that damage caused through use is not covered and neither is normal wear and tear of components such as bearings, rubbers or decks. Please ensure you are riding a recommended noSno set-up and that you are using the board in the manner it was designed for.

Our aim is to provide advanced, high quality products, excellent service and complete customer satisfaction at all times. If you are not entirely satisfied with
any product or service you have received from noSno please contact us at

Due to the nature of the sport, you and others may suffer serious injury and under no circumstances whatsoever can No Sno Ltd. be held responsible. Also, No Sno Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any accidents resulting in loss or damage to yours or others property, however caused. Please observe all the safety precautions in the noSno manual that comes with your board and ensure that you are riding within your own capabilities. Always ride with protective kit and clothing suitable to the conditions and style of your riding. The bare minimum of helmet, wrist guards, kneepads, elbow pads and supportive boots should be worn at all times - ensure all of your kit is of the correct size, always check the tightness of bolts and ensure the condition of your board and protective kit is satisfactory
before riding.